Cleaning the outer ear canal

Otivet veterinary product is designed to clean the outer ear canal of cats and dogs. It breaks down wax, removes dirt and so reduces the number of bacteria and yeast cells in the ear canal. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and moistens the ear canal membrane without drying it out.

Developed in cooperation with vets.
Active ingredients:

Chlorhexidine, evening primrose oil, allantoin.


75 ml.


Fill the whole ear canal with Otivet solution and gently rub in. Allow it to dissolve impurities and let the animal shake its head. Then remove any remaining dirt with a piece of gauze. Repeat the process as required. Clean ears as required or consult a vet. Store at a temperature of 15–25 °C. Vets also use Otivet for the application of other active ingredients to the outer ear canal. It is also suitable for general irrigation of the ear canal of dogs under anaesthetic.

When to use

  • Cleaning ears
  • Preventing ear infections

Who it is suitable for

Otivet is suitable for household pets, in particular cats and dogs.

How it works

Otivet has several active ingredients that trigger several consecutive stages to deal with the problems. In the first stage, Otivet cleans and removes unwanted material from the ear. The pH of the skin becomes slightly acidic thanks to the product’s lactic acid content. Ear wax is then broken down thanks to the propylene glycol content. Evening primrose oil, which is also used of the solution, then works against itching. In the second stage, the chlorhexidine content in Otivet disinfects the treated area. The final stage is healing. Mineral oil and lactic acid make sure that the animal’s skin is sufficiently hydrated and allantoin and propylene glycol help ensure faster regeneration of the epidermis. Otivet also has a keratoplastic effect.

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